King County Fire District 40

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Linda Sartnurak - Fire Commissioner Position No. 1

Committees/Workgroups: Facilities & Equipment; Fire & Emergency Services Contracts
Years Served as Commissioner: 11 years Current Term: 2018 - 2023

I have been a resident of Fairwood Greens for more than 30 years, and I enjoy being involved in local community affairs. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration and currently work for Proctor & Gamble in the food safety division. I also have been an airline pilot for TWA and American Airlines for 15 years.

Charlotte Ryan - Fire Commissioner Position No. 2

Committees/ Workgroups: Finance; Communications
Years Served as Commissioner: 13 years Current Term: 2020 - 2025

Since I was elected as your fire commissioner in 2007 - a large portion of District 40 (Benson/Cascade) was annexed into the City of Renton. We negotiated a contract with Renton (now the Renton Regional Fire Authority) to provide fire and emergency services to the balance of District 40. We continue to research the best and most economical method to provide the emergency services to our Fairwood community.

Cheryl Nichelson - Fire Commissioner Position No. 3

Committees/Work Groups: Finance; Communications
Years Served as Commissioner: 8 years Current Term: 2016 - 2021

I have been a Fairwood resident since 1997. I am married with three children and six wonderful grandchildren. I have a B.S.Degree in Business Management and a M.S. Degree in Organization Management. I have worked for the Boeing Company since 1997 in many different positions. I am very passionate about my community and honored to serve as Commissioner. I grew up with a great respect for the police, firefighters and our military members.

Andrew Schneider - Fire Commissioner Position No. 4

Committees/Work Groups: Facilities & Equipment; Special Projects
Years Served as Commissioner: 1st year Current Term: 2020 - 2025

As a professional firefighter (in Bellevue), a Fairwood resident, and a graduate of the University of Washington, I look forward to using my professional experience to strengthen the safety and future of District 40. As your elected fire commissioner, my goal is to ensure that Fairwood continues to have the most efficient, best trained, and trusted firefighters if you ever you need to make a call to 9-1-1.

Ronnie Little - Fire Commissioner Position No. 5

Committees/Workgroups: Special Projects; Fire & Emergency Service Contracts
Years Served as Commissioner: 15 years Current Term: 2016 - 2021

Having lived in the community for 30 years, I have served as president of the King County Fire Commissioner Association and as a Legislative representative for the Washington State Fire Commissioners Association. In 2001, I was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Renton Technical College for 10 years. Serving the community as a Commissioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I know our fire district is the best trained and equipped fire department in the area.

Laura Buckley - District Secretary

Years as District Secretary: 2nd year Years in Fire Service: 4 years

As part-time Fire District 40 Secretary, my duties include preparing meeting agendas and minutes, serving as the department's auditing officer, preparing and managing financial reports, and serving as confidential secretary while adhering to all ethics laws and rules. My background includes over 20 years in the customer service industry as well as my current full-time position at the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (Finance Division). I grew up in Fairwood Greens, and I am proud to have "come back home" to serve my community.

Photography by Briana Jaymes